Replacing Copper Pipes With PEX: An Easy Plumbing Upgrade

Replacing Copper Pipes With Pex

For many years copper has had a name in the plumbing field due to its amazing specifications of heat resistance and high-pressure resistance but the problem with the use of copper is:  It is more expensive than other materials. The other material that we are taking the space of copper is PEX. It is a step towards advancement and progress in the field of plumbing.

PEX is a cross-link polyethene end pipe with crosslinks. The polyethylene used in these pipes is of high density having crosslinks bonds. There are two types of polyethene: the first is cross-linked polyethylene and the second one is non crosslinked polyethylene. Cross-linked polyethene has specifications of thermal and mechanical properties. So replacing copper pipes with pex is best.

Hard Water Creates Problem in Copper Pipes

Hard water contains calcium and magnesium and it has an acidic effect on copper pipes and causes a leak. The solution to this problem is replacing copper pipes with pex but the question arises how to replace copper pipes with pex, here is a complete procedure that helps you to replace copper pipes with pex. For replacement, you don’t need to call a plumber and spend extra money on a task that you can easily do yourself. Here are a few directions that can guide you on how to replace the copper pipe with pex. Just follow it and make the plumber of your own house.


The basic tools you required for replacing copper pipes with pex are following

  • Few fittings
  • Pipe cutter
  • PEX crimping tools
  • Measuring Tape
  • Marker
  • Drill Driver


The important materials required are

  • Copper pipe straps
  • PEX tubing
  • Push-fit straight joining
  • Push-fit


Here is the Procedure:

1- Turn off water supply

Before replacing copper pipes with pex, turn off the water supply and remove water from the pipes. Open the valve that is at the basement or first floor of your home to drain the pipes. It will help avoid any disturbance during replacement and you can do your work without any disruptions.

2- Cut the corroded area of copper pipe

Mark the pipe that contains a corroded area in it. Use a tubing cutter and cut both ends of the pipe.

3- Fit the PEX to copper tube

Cut the PEX tube that is long enough as compared to the cutting area with the help of the PEX tubing cutter. Clean the ends of the PEX tube and fit it with the help of a push-fit connector. You can also use a push-fit valve instead of a straight connector. It’s your choice.

4- The electrical system should be grounded

When you are replacing copper pipes there is no need for the ground but if you are replacing metal pipes then you must keep in your mind to check whether the electrical system is grounded, if not then firstly do it.

Here is a complete guide to replacing copper pipes with pex. For further details feel free to contact us. We will be glad to help you.

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