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After nearly 20 years serving our community, we understand how frustrating can be a leak, low pressure, or contaminated water due to pipe issues. We are here to help you restore the well-functioning of your pipe system at home. As a repipe specialists in Portland, we offer a FREE consultation to address any questions you may have.


Low water pressure?

You may have to change your old piping.

Does your sewer pipe need to be replaced?

We can help you to determine if your sewer pipe needs to be replaced.

Need to update your plumbing?

We can go to your house and give you a free estimate for a new re-piping.

Old house with old plumbing?

It would be best if you changed your galvanized pipe with a new system.

Need to replace your water heater?

We will go to your home and give you the option you need.


Repiping your home or business is a significant decision to make. A repair of old galvanized or CPVC plumbing includes much more than simply replacing short pipe portions as a temporary fix. To assure quality piping throughout, consider undertaking a complete overhaul using either Aquapex or copper pipe. Are you looking for repiping specialists in Portland? Get in touch with us now.

Because of the type of material used, age, and other reasons, the plumbing in all of the older homes built in Portland neighborhoods has deteriorated to the point where it needs to be rebuilt. If the pipe in your plumbing system fails, it can cause significant damage to your property and house. Repipe your home’s plumbing with Jam Plumbing PDX repiping and plumbing professionals! We offer high-quality repiping at an affordable price to Portland residents.

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A repipe is a complete replacement and/or bypass of an existing water distribution system, starting at the transition between the exterior and interior service pipe and ending at the numerous fixtures throughout the home. Pinhole leaks form in ancient galvanized copper pipes, causing mold to grow in your walls and under your slab. All pipe fittings, stop valves, and supply lines are replaced as part of our first-rate service.


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Mineral deposits and corrosion build up on the inside of the pipe which can restrict flow and reduce water pressure. Leaking underground piping can run up the water bill and be costly to repair.

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Older galvanized piping tends to become corroded, contributing to clogging or leaks. We recommend considering replacement of older galvanized piping.

As Repipe Specialists we have seen the typical lifespan of galvanized steel is approx. 40-50 years. However, in areas with hard water, your pipes can fail more quickly. It is tricky about galvanized pipes because while they appear fine on the outside, they could be rusting on the inside. The deposits along the pipe’s interior build up over time, restricting water flow and decreasing the water pressure in your home. This buildup can also impact water pressure in other pipe parts and cause leaks. Corrosion can also occur at the joints, resulting in a leak. Unfortunately, when those leaks happen behind your walls or under your floors, you may not discover them until after your home has already sustained extensive damage. Several problems are associated with galvanized pipes: low water pressure, uneven water distribution, water discoloration, and leaks. The piping in the home appeared to be beyond the average life expectancy for galvanized piping. To limit the chance of damaging leaks and to improve water flow to fixtures

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We can help you to determine if your sewer pipe needs to be replaced!

Sometimes is not necessary to change the house’s pipes. Inspecting the house’s underground will help to determine how deep is your sewer line and if there is any damage to the pipes.

The reason for doing this inspection is to determine if it is necessary to replace the waste line piping before doing any remodeling on the house’s basement. The problem with not replacing the pipes right before the remodeling is done could create future issues after your remodeling is complete, and you will have to demo and/or remove the finished floor (Tile, Hardwood floor, or carpet) and cut the concrete floor to be able to replace it with new pipes.

As Repipe Specialists we can determine if you need a sewer line replacement with a camera inspection. This will involve threading a digital camera through your sewer line to view and record the inside of the pipe. These cameras are qualified for noticing cracks, holes, collapsed pipe sections, and root infiltrations. If the plumber sees any of these common problems, they could recommend a sewer pipe cleanout or a pipe replacement, depending upon the severity.



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