Install garbage disposal

How to Install Garbage Disposal?

There are some things that help you to maintain your garbage disposal like Keep the disposal of your waste clean. Pour a little dish of soap into it, and let the waste disposal run after washing dishes for a minute or two with cold water.

Make regular use of your waste disposal. Frequent usage avoids rust and corrosion, ensures the movement of all parts, and prevents blockages.

Melt food waste w/a heavy cold water flow. Why cold water? It causes any grates or oils that can be solidified in the unit to be cut before reaching the trap. But sometimes after so much care, you need to install garbage disposal.

Whether you are replacing waste disposal or first installing it, the sink is connected and the drainage pipe is discharged. The disposal is attached to your dishwasher outflow tube.

Waste disposal in 1/3 hp up to 1 hp of electricity is generally offered. You will have to buy septic-safe disposal if you have a septic system.

How to Change or Install Garbage Disposal

You will need an outlet and switch in the vicinity if you don’t have a disposal. To install a garbage disposal, call a professional electrician and find out whether a permit is necessary.

1. Disconnect pipes

Turn the breaker off to your kitchen first. Fix a bucket and disassemble the drain pipes under the P-trap. Remove the sink and any extra putty.

2. Use Plumbers Putty

Put the plumbers around the flange and push. Put the towel in the sink and place the device on the flange so it does not move.

3. Use Snap Ring

Put the fiber gasket, flange, and ring on the bottom of the flange underneath the sink. Slide them over. Install the snap ring, draw it open and snap it. Stick the screws uniformly with a screwdriver to firmly clear up any excess butter against the backup flanges.

4. Use Dishwasher Drain

Use a hammer to block the drain plug and remove it from the inlet on the disposal to connect to the dishwasher drain.

5. Use Water Cover Plate

Then remove the sheet and connect the electric cable with the wire colors (electric cords can be supplied separately). Switch the wires on and rebuild the platform.

6. Connect the Drain

Insert the gasket in the drainage outlet and attach the flange and bolts of the discharge pipe to connect the drainage. Stick the mounting ring with the three tabs aligned. Use the included wrench to fasten the tabs on the ridges. Put the washing machine drain. Make sure the tube is correctly aligned and linked to your drainage tube.

7. Test of Disposal

Test your connections to the sink drain and fill in the sink with water. Leak control. Leak check. Check for flip-flops. Plugin the electrical supply and switch it on.

If you want to install garbage disposal feel free to contact our professional plumbers in Portland who have 25 years of experience in this field. We will feel glad to help you.


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