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How To Deal With Tree Roots In Sewer Line

How To Deal With Tree Roots In Sewer Line

Are the roots of trees and shrubs troubling you with annoying gurgling sounds coming from your

toilet? Hey there! This article is for you. There is always a misconception that roots cause breaks in their sewer lines. But, it’s not true!

Here, I’m going to share with you 3 effective ways to deal with tree roots in the sewer line.

1- Chop Roots Out Of Sewer Line:

Your pipe is filled with oxygen, water and all kind of nutrients that required the roots of trees and

shrubs to draw towards them.

And the cracks and lose joints of the pipeline resulting in damages.

Here is a temporary but useful way to deal with it!.

Cut the roots out of the sewer line!

A sewer machine is used to do it.

But as already mentioned, it’s a temporary solution. The roots in sewer line will grow again and can cause damage to the system.

Let’s look into the 2nd solution!

2- Using Salts or Chemical Cleaning:

You can remove the roots using rock salts such as Sodium Chloride or Copper Sulfate.

Pour it into your toilet and flush it. After 10-12 hours you get the results.

But! It has its cons also.

Rock salts can be only for small roots or root hairs. For bigger roots, it doesn’t help.

And chemical cleaning. It can help to clear the pipeline but strong bases can damage the sewage system even more. And make the situation even worse!

And it’s also a temporary fix!

I know you want to know about a permanent solution also.

Let’s get to 3rd point!

3- Repair or Replace:

So, here are the permanent solutions you can apply to deal with roots in sewer line.

If it’s not possible to clear, repair the cracks or lose points.

If the situation is even worse, then it needs a replacement. Partially or Completely according to its requirement.

Guess what?

I have a Bonus tip for you!

“Prevention is better than cure”.

You must have heard it before. Now it’s time to apply here.

Before looking for affordable ways to deal with roots in the sewer line. You can always go for the cheapest option.

While planting any tree near your house or sewer system, try to be careful. So that in future it doesn’t trouble you with thousands of dollars.

Hope it’s helpful!

And you get your solution. For more information, you can always do your research.